Yearling and coming two year old bulls and bred heifers from the original breeders. Speckle Park to Speckle Park since 1974.

Semen and DNA tests available.

Some semen and embryos available.

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Phone Greg Melchior at 306-937-3120.


We GROW young bulls; feed lot operators and 4-H members can FEED pounds on to their off-spring and reap the benefits.

WJ Spotlight Owned by Melchior's

Photo: C. Pike

Typical faces on bulls of Benson Line showing the gentle nature.

Part-bred calves sired by Benson Line Bulls, 2014.

Photo: C. Pike Photo: C. Pike Photo: C. Pike Photo: C. Pike Photo: C. Pike

Owned by Paul and Sheena Smith. Born 4-5 months ago.

Part-bred calves sired by a Strathdene Bull, 2013.

Photo: C. Pike Photo: C. Pike Photo: C. Pike

Two mature bulls.

Double J Norberson

Photo: C. Pike

Age 6

Double J cattle are the Greg and Jacquie Melchior herd. They were the Leigh-Al-Ann herd of Edward and Shirley Melchior and family.

Semen Available

Greg Melchior

Strathdene Ben-ily

Photo: C. Pike

Age 3

Semen Available

Christine Pike